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So, it's Thanksgiving again. It's that time of year where you can get games at super-discounted prices from the likes of Steam. However, you might also notice, if you regularly buy indie games from the Humble Bundle, that the Humble Store is open.

The two have very similar briefs - sell games cheap. The humble store say they give 10% of their earnings to charity.

This is not the reason to buy from them if at all possible.

The simple reason is, a number of years ago, Steam chose to sell to Europeans in Euro. However, they didn't bother with an exchange rate, they simply priced each game at its dollar price but in Euro. Given that the dollar is almost always weaker than the euro, that means that Steam get an extra bonus from any European customer. I can't see any good reason for that, it's the same game, but Europeans pay extra just because Valve can't be bothered to do the conversion.

I don't know where that extra money goes. Most likely into Valve's accounts.

In the case of the Humble Store, you only see a game's price in US Dollars. You pay in US Dollars - which are generally cheaper than Euro.

10% of the money you pay goes to charity (Child's Play is one of the 5 named charities - which I take issue with, because Penny Arcade and its general shittiness12, but I can ignore that in favour of a good deal) and it's cheaper. It may not be cheaper than the flash sales that Steam have on offer, but otherwise Humble is the way to go.

But overall, Humble Store is taking less of a cut, and you're still getting the same game, but for a cheaper price. Also, if there are multiplatform options, you get those (including Android). And if there's a steam key you get that, so rather than just pay for an individual Steam key at a higher price, you get more platform support AND the steam key for a lower price.

For instance, I've just bought Gone Home, Ironclad Tactics, Game Dev Tycoon, Kentucky Route Zero, Beat Hazard Ultra, Anodyne, The Bridge and Risk of Rain for a US Dollar price of $60. After currency conversion in Paypal (which isn't always the most favourable) it's just a few cent over €40.

The total on Steam, at time of writing is €56.70 - I just won with Humble (I realise that I could have saved a chunk by picking the cheaper options from Steam (for instance, Beat Hazard Ultra is cheaper on Steam right now) , but it still worked in my favour overall)

I hope more Europeans realise this, and make a move to Humble whenever possible.

1 (Trigger warning - Rape and general shittiness) Google "Dickwolves" - not for the faint of heart

2 (Trigger warning - Transphobia and general shittiness) Google "Tycho Brahe" and "transphobia" - also not for the faint of heard
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