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So second freshmeat down. At the risk of turning this into my personal derby blog, I'd like to state this isn't my personal derby blog; it's about stuff that I like/want to do outside of work. It just so happens that I've found that derby's worked its way in there.

Anyway the rest are personal notes about fresh meat, that are probably of no interest to anyone:

The good:

  • Didn't fall backwards

  • Managed to fall into a 4-point fall when I did actually trip

  • Not completely wrecked afterwards - energy levels good, it's mostly mental and technique this time around.

  • No major groin strain this time around

The bad:

  • Managed to fall badly at the end of the 5-minute challenge - as in bad technique, was planning a 2-knee fall, didn't happen.

  • Need to nail striding on corners. Can turn fine in sticky-skate, but that's not really what sticky-skate is for. When striding, tend to go way too wide on exit. (yes, I know the track is wider on exit for that reason but this isn't exactly high-speed here)

The things to take away from this:

  • Sore this morning - back (muscular), core (muscular). Back can be improved with derby stance, and both can be improved with core work.

  • Need to improve Derby Stance - was informed by one skater that my T-stop would actually *work* if I was in Derby Stance (meaning my weight would be in the right place

Falling Drills:

  • Generally ok from feedback. Make sure ass is down for 4-point fall. i.e. not cat in heat

  • Not confident on baseball slide, though apparently it's ok? Feel very clumsy doing it.

5-minute challenge:

  • 9.5 laps - noticed from notes I was runt of litter (not wallowing, just showing where I need to improve)

  • Need to improve skating line.

  • Lots of time was spend recovering from coming out of turns. Need to manage pace better on corners - picking up too much speed from stride

  • On that note, striding on corners needs major work, spent too much time putting weight on inside foot and striding with outside. Inside ass-cheek was burning.

  • Big limitation was stability/confidence; didn't want to put in speed as may spend more time getting up than skating (also, speed not always friend, see note about corners). As time went on, my laps improved. Slow start, semi-confident finish.

  • Not exhausted; see note about speed/confidence. See also: speed/corners. See also also: corners/technique.

Stepping Drills:

  • Oh boy. Need lots of work on this. Was quite slow; spent a lot of time needing to square off again; missed a stepping drill trying to finish cross-over drill.

  • Quick Feet and Crossover steps will have to become my best friends, where I spend lots of time on them until they break and I know them well.


  • Need to work on stopping (specifically plough stops) - collided with folk a bit too much. On plus note, nothing that happens could've been interpreted as sexual harassment.

  • On a plus note, didn't freak when skaters came up on inside/outside.

  • TODO: Get to point where I'd be comfortable doing weaving on paceline.

Action Items:

  • Spend more time in spin - get help from pros

  • Get help with Derby Stance - find comfort spot

  • Nail stopping, especially plough - wheels may be slippy, but just means I have to figure this out. T-stops should improve once I nail balance/stance.

  • Once general stance (or in parallel) is better, improve turn technique.

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